UNLIMITED PACKAGE | Pricing begins at $3000, depending on location and wedding size
We don’t believe in hidden costs, add-ons, or extra expenses. Nor do we believe in forcing you to have a time limit on how long you can afford to have a photographer at your wedding. We believe in honesty and simplicity. We believe that your wedding should unfold naturally, that you should be concerned with soaking in every minute of this important day, not keeping track of how many more minutes you can keep your photographer.
With that in mind, we only offer one unlimited photography package, which includes two photographers for the entire duration of your rehearsal and wedding. We like to arrive in time for your rehearsal so that we can get the lay of the land, meet the full cast of characters, chat with the officiant, find the best lighting, and know where we can stand with the most invisibility.
On the day of the wedding we split off with the Bride and the Groom and spend the morning with you as you get ready. We aim to be an integral part of your wedding party, offering assistance in tying ties and bustling skirts, as well as capturing the morning. We then follow along with you to the ceremony and reception, documenting it all as it unfolds until you dance the night away. From there we will professionally edit all of your images and deliver them to you via personalized keychain + USB drive, as well as an online gallery that you can share with your friends and family over social media outlets.
We have no hour limit. Weddings take a long time, so take your time. We don’t charge extra for travel expenses. We’ll take care of that. Our package offers you the ultimate in our skills and abilities and allows us to fully dedicate ourselves to visually telling your story, in the truest form.
Contact us to talk more about an investment in our services.
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