Hey there, we’re Grace and Julian!

We're partners and co-adventurers who have been photographing together since 2015. In addition to our loves of photography, Grace is a fashion designer and wearable artist and Julian is a scientist and computer engineer. There's nothing we love more than hitting to open road and heading off to unexplored places. We're regularly planning our next road trips and photoshoots, or collaborating to create wild and original artworks. We love photographing weddings together, because it gives us an excuse to travel the world and meet awesome people like you. 

As wedding photographers our ultimate goal is to capture the day, not manipulate it. We want to become a part of the background, a piece of the puzzle that you don’t even notice in the craziness of getting ready, writing your vows at the last minute, saying yes to forever with your partner in crime, and then dancing the night away. We’re here as observers and documenters, ready to capture the genuine spirit of the day without you even noticing.

We are professional people-watchers. You shouldn’t have to worry about smiling for the camera or making sure that we get your best angles, you should be too busy hugging and kissing and laughing and shouting for joy to even notice our shutters clicking. If you don’t see us then we’re doing our job properly.

We are searchers of light, finding the most beautiful moments when the sun does what it does best. We try not to use flashes or other external lighting sources – we prefer to hunt out the big windows, shady trees, and sudden beams of afternoon light. Your photos should be as natural as you are.

Above all, we’re ready for an adventure. Where in the world do you want to get married? Because that’s exactly where we want to be. Whether it’s the mountains of Virginia, a barn in the Catskills, a sandy beach in the Mediterranean, a glacier in Iceland, or a winding trail in Patagonia, we want to go on the journey with you.

We can’t wait to be right there with you, capturing your adventure!
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